None of us likes to feel inadequate. We would rather look after ourselves than have to rely on other people to provide for us. We would rather help someone than be helped. I asked people what animal would they choose to be turned into. Many wanted to become a predator; a lion, wolf, shark or eagle. No one volunteered to become a sheep. The contrast between a wolf and a sheep is undeniable. The sheep needs protecting from the wolf by a shepherd. The sheep needs to be led to green pastures and still waters. Sheep need each other to make up a flock in which they provide safety in numbers. Though hard, admitting our neediness is the first step on the path of becoming truly human.

Whenever I lie awake at night worrying it typically means that at some point I’ve lost sight of my Lord the Shepherd. It then feels like it is all up to me, on my own, to provide what I and my family need. As a human being God has given me a lot of ability but I am limited. I can problem solve but I don’t have all the answers or solutions to the challenges that I face. I can work but I do need to sleep, to have times of rest. Life is better lived with the shepherd, depending on his guidance and his provision. Christ has unlimited wisdom, he never gets tired, and he never sleeps. He even pursues sheep that go astray and get lost, bringing them back into the fold. My struggle is trusting him in my times of need and learning to be content with my need for him. The path of true humanness is the combination of using my God given abilities along with my Lord’s guidance and provision. If you are feeling stretched and stressed, ask Christ to be your Shepherd and to lead you to green pastures and still waters.