Psalm 77 is a surprising and shocking poem in the Bible. Why? Because it actively doubts God’s faithfulness, his character, and his goodness. This is a poem that expresses the writer’s crisis of faith in God. The chief worship leader of the temple and a priest of God shares his struggle with doubt. I love the raw honesty of this Psalm and for God’s compassion in having it included in the Bible for us.

Everyone knows that raising children is not easy. But only parents really know the true cost. It hurts as a parent to hear the words “I hate you”, to have your love for your child called into question, or to have your child seem to drift away emotionally. Sometimes patience and perseverance are rewarded with appreciation, perhaps after they have moved out, or their friends have abandoned them, or they’ve gone through a crisis to find that it is their family that was there for them.

It is surprising to find in the Bible phrases like…

“I remembered God, and was troubled; I meditated, and my spirit grew faint.”

Psalm 77:3

God’s faithfulness is larger and deeper than our crises of faith in him, when we call into question his character and his goodness. God is like us. Our love for our children is larger and deeper than their rejection of us.

In the end the writer of Psalm 77 remembers that God lead Israel through the Red Sea with the Egyptian army in pursuit. What is interesting is that when you read about this in Exodus 14:12-13 you find the people complaining that God had planned to kill them, they have a crisis of faith, and they call into question God’s character. God’s response is surprising. He saves them, leading them through the Red Sea while delaying the Egyptian army. I find it incredibly comforting to be reassured that God knows how frail my faith is in him, and how tough times induce me to doubt his goodness. And yet God’s faithfulness is larger and deeper than my doubt and fear. To me God seems invisible in my crises but none the less he is leading me through my troubles.

“Your way was in the sea; your path in the great waters, though your footsteps were unseen.”

Psalm 77:19

I encourage you to bring your doubt, complaints and crises of faith to God, ask him to lead you through your crises even though he seems invisible. My experience is that my doubt is swallowed up by God’s faithfulness.

Photo by brut carniollus on Unsplash

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