Theme Parks are exciting for kids. I remember taking mine when they were young and they were so happy. They couldn’t wait to get on the rides and slides but that is exactly what they had to do – wait. I didn’t have the heart to break it to them that they were not going to be the only ones there, that there were other kids just like them that were excited about the roller coaster. Forty minutes is a long time to wait for a two minute ride, but they were happy to wait and they waited several times.

How much of your life feels like being in a long queue waiting for something that only gives fleeting excitement, relief, enjoyment, or contentment before you have to line up again? What happens when the ride you are queuing for begins to lose its appeal? There are many people who would admit that they work for the weekend. In other words they put up with going to work so that they can enjoy two days off. But what happens if responsibilities that feel just like work begin to sabotage those days off? The lawn needs mowing, kids need driving to sport, the monstrous amount of washing has to be slayed again.

Jesus Christ declared himself to be the good shepherd assuring us of why he came “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”– John 10:10. I’ve found that life is better with the shepherd because he leads me through familiar places at a slower pace so that I can rediscover my life afresh. The ordinary and the domestic is where I live most of my life; why not learn to enjoy what Christ has already given me instead of wanting more or something new or something different? I’ve found that Christ is helping me rediscover why I fell in love with my wife, why I’ve persevered with my children, why I love living in Brisbane (Queensland). Ask the good shepherd to lead you in familiar places in such a way that you too will rediscover life and enjoy your life much more abundantly.

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