I support two clients with serious physical disabilities. One of the ways I’ve rediscovered life with Christ is to see myself as God’s provision to my clients. Without me and the other support workers, my clients would not live in their own homes but rather in an institution. Christ and I bring independence, choice, dignity, enjoyment and fun to our clients. I take one of my clients to a local Cafe and she gets to choose what she will have to drink. Her favourite is having a chocolate frappe. We have got to know some of the other patrons and often share a table when it gets busy. 

Working as a disability support worker is frequently mundane; doing the washing, showering my client, cooking, and cleaning. It is menial and domestic. But it means a lot to my clients, and therefore to Christ and myself. It is a privilege to serve my clients because I’m able to use my ability to overcome the parts of themselves that are disabled so that they can exercise a greater degree of independence and choice over their lives. This fits into God’s Kingdom in terms of the strong protecting the weak, the capable providing for the vulnerable, and the opportunity that I have of exercising humility in serving the needs of my clients. 

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