Christ came into a world full of darkness. What this means is that as humans our natural bias is that we prefer to live in the darkness (John 1:1-11). We are easily blinded to God’s presence in the world and in our lives. We live as though he doesn’t exist or is far away. Christ came to reveal God to us so that we can learn to live with God. 

The challenge is to review what we take for granted in our life and to see it in a different light. Christ teaches that God provides food for the ravens every day and flowers for the fields. Our needs are met by God’s provision. We can receive what we need as gifts given by God and so we can be grateful to him. 

What is good in your life? Give thanks to God, worship him as you enjoy it.

Normally I don’t enjoy mowing my lawn. It’s a chore. With Christ’s help I’ve changed the way I approach mowing the lawn. First, there is the challenge of starting my mower which is a Victor two stoke- it is very old and it resents me forcing it back to life. But I take enormous satisfaction when it screams into life, seeing it puffing blue smoke and hearing the angry way it revs. Together we conquer the weeds and the lawn. We bring order where there was disorder. When done, I take the time to survey how I’ve exercised my image of God in having dominion over the part of creation that God has entrusted into my care. 

What part of your life have you learnt to see differently with Christ’s help?

Try to find at least one aspect in your day that you can receive as a gift from God.

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